Tuesday, February 17, 2015

24 hours experience

Oh dear...the Singapore it only last week? Quite an adventure I must say.
Last week I had a 'flashpack' trip to the Lion City. Its a flash-not-backpack trip I've done with my friends. The three of us (me, Dyah and Ttin) went to Singapore in different schedule, me and Titin went for 2 days instead of 3 days like Dyah's.

This post tittle was refer to how long are our flashpack trip. Technically, you can say it more than 24 hours...but just make it simple...lets just called it that way lol.

This was the first abroad trip for both Titin and Dyah, so it definitely a exiting experience for them.

p.s. Seems like I didn't hit the "publish" button before lol. We did this travel at January 17-18th, early this year.