Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Kill Me Heal Me random ramble

I totally LOVE this drama.
Okay...they sure have some flaws here and there. But that doesn't stop me to cheering, bawling, cringing, laughing all the way with them. It have enough mysteries and interesting plot that make me keep tune in. In the beginning, I was a little skeptical about split-personalities plot. I watch it because of Ji-sung and Hwang Jung-eum reunion after Secret in the first place. And then.....they keep pulling me along the way *thank God for that*.
I even have my own poll corner on the personalities. Just for fun tho... 

Singapore museums

Dang!! I missed all the museums on my last trip to Singapore early this year. Can't blame tho...we have such tight schedule that leave us nothing but happy memories and swollen feet.
So....I am really happy to find out that my office's next vacation will be in *drum roll* SINGAPORE!!
It happen that I also missed Universal Studios Singapore, not enough time because we arrived (evening) and leave (afternoon) at such unlucky hour. But looks like I will going to USS after all, its included in a-must-do itinerary when you visit SG. Especially when your visiting with your colleague kekeke....
USS aside, the museums are also fun places to explored. There are some notable museums in Singapore and had a good reputation also. Can't wait!!

Long (?) weekend

Wohooo....Wednesday almost end and Thursday is right in the horizon. There's nothing make us *the government little minions* happier than a day off. Yay!! No office tomorrow!! It would've been perfect if Friday poses as red colored date too *dreamy*. But no...we still have those morning meeting that day *sigh*.
My friends already take a step further to celebrate this long (?) weekend. They either take a day leave or half-day leave for Friday *jealous*.
Our office clock now pointing at 5 pm, rather 'regular' time for me to go home. I am desperately want to start the holiday vibe as early as possible, seems like a moot thing to do now since its heavy rain downpours outside. Yay...another Bogor regular rains...which reminds me of this photo my friend shared before.
There's this 'common logic' applied here..."if Bogor having a massive rain, you bet Jakarta will be attack by water". Bogor always take the blame as the source of Jakarta's own flood. Lets face it...Bogor has a good record with rain, they didn't named it Rain City for nothing. As nature speak, water will likely run from higher places to lower one before ended in the sea. Don't blame us if Jakarta didn't have decent sewer systems -___-"
Anyway.............why did I ramble on rain when the important one is HOLIDAY!! Lets take a vacation people!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

24 hours experience

Oh dear...the Singapore it only last week? Quite an adventure I must say.
Last week I had a 'flashpack' trip to the Lion City. Its a flash-not-backpack trip I've done with my friends. The three of us (me, Dyah and Ttin) went to Singapore in different schedule, me and Titin went for 2 days instead of 3 days like Dyah's.

This post tittle was refer to how long are our flashpack trip. Technically, you can say it more than 24 hours...but just make it simple...lets just called it that way lol.

This was the first abroad trip for both Titin and Dyah, so it definitely a exiting experience for them.

p.s. Seems like I didn't hit the "publish" button before lol. We did this travel at January 17-18th, early this year.

My newest addiction

Its been a while since I wrote a post in this blog. Never find the right mood to write some. I have this 'spare' time or to be exact is time to kill today.
Today is Tuesday...and I am DYING to wait for Thursday to come. Technically, Kill Me Heal Me (KMHM) drama aired in Wednesday night, but I have to wait at least Thursday to have it online. 
I LOVE Korean drama since my college days and keep burning up till today. In the old days, we have to watch the subbed version in local television to filled our thirst for drama. Otherwise, we could buy CD and DVD's to get fastest and broader option of drama. No such things as streamline videos back then.
Many drama worth mentioning as my favorites such as Autumn in My Heart (yes...this one ALWAYS make me cried buckets), Stairway to Heaven, Secret Garden, Full House, Greatest Love, Gaksital (yay!!) and many more. My kind of genre are limitless, I could use a box of tissue while marathon-ing drama or pumped my fist on Vampire Prosecutor's fight scenes.
My recent drama was KHMM, so really have potential to be one of my favorite drama. Ji-sung portrayed a man with split personalities. He has 7 ( personalities. But no worries...he's far from Voldemort-like. I found all his personalities very engaging in certain way. Its interesting how this drama's plot works for each episodes. Love Ji-sung and Hwang Jung-eum, they are great actors. Their chemistry are not joke (they also sizzle in Secret tho).
I always end up screaming or squeeing at every Thursday episodes. I wish I have this kind of devotion to my own Theses lol. FIGHTING!!