Monday, February 04, 2013

Sungkyungkwan Scandal

One of my favourite K-Drama. The plot is great.... The cast was amazing. The costumes were totally gorgeous. Right now, my friend Winda is watching this drama. She's keeping to ask me the episode. one by one.
Enjoy it dear!!

todays recap...

Today not going so well for me. But, I still have to thankful for these things:
*thanks for the water my plants nicely
*thanks for Anis and Rani, who sent the report on time. We'll fight again tomorrow ^^
*thanks for Winda, who bring the 'bumbu rawon'. Tonight will be a delicious night.
*thanks for the appetizer...

(late) New Year feel

O.M.G. Its New Year!!! Now its February!!
Time flies sooo fast. Ican't even feel the new year vibe :(
It's been a VERY busy these past three months. I wish I could get a vacation :'(

Sawarna Beach

This is the picture of Sawarna Beach. It was taken on last year, at November 2012. We (me, Mbak Nisa, Jamie and Ida) went there to explore this new found beach (for us…at least….).

The beach located on Lebak Regency, at the south part of Banten Province. not many Indonesian people know about this beach, but actually…it widely known abroad. Tourist from abroad came here because of its beach, especially for the tide. Surfing was the best activity there. Nobody allowed to goes swimming, because its strong waves.

The beach actually part of the traditional village at that location, Sawarna Village (or Desa Sawarna in Indonesian). That where the beach name came from. This village is quite remote, its located about 170 km from Jakarta or 42 km from Palabuhan Ratu (the nearest small city in West Java). The journey we took to this village is quite challenging, the road condition is not equally in well condition. Despite of all the road challenge, the scenery along the way is amazing!!

When we arrived at Sawarna, we have to cross the bridge to reach the village. Yep….the village is separated by river. The bridge is a traditional, made from wire and wood planks. Indonesian people called it “jembatan gantung”, i haven’t find the exact translation in english. In dictionary, it called suspension bridge, but…i think its too sophisticated to describe the bridge at Sawarna :)

From our experience…Sawarna is a must visited spot in Indonesia. The beach is quite clean, the scenery is WOW…and the hospitality of the village people….amazing!!

You can plan your vacation to Sawarna easily. You can choose the transportation mode, up to you. The room to rent is available in all area in the village. The price is set around 130-150 thousand rupiah, for a person (incl meal for 3 times). The best part is, you can search it online…. But, the booking process done in a little bit traditional way, you have to call the manager first to get a booking. No worry, if you want to see the room first, you can always directly pick the most suitable for you. There’s a lot of option at Sawarna Village.