Tuesday, February 17, 2015

My newest addiction

Its been a while since I wrote a post in this blog. Never find the right mood to write some. I have this 'spare' time or to be exact is time to kill today.
Today is Tuesday...and I am DYING to wait for Thursday to come. Technically, Kill Me Heal Me (KMHM) drama aired in Wednesday night, but I have to wait at least Thursday to have it online. 
I LOVE Korean drama since my college days and keep burning up till today. In the old days, we have to watch the subbed version in local television to filled our thirst for drama. Otherwise, we could buy CD and DVD's to get fastest and broader option of drama. No such things as streamline videos back then.
Many drama worth mentioning as my favorites such as Autumn in My Heart (yes...this one ALWAYS make me cried buckets), Stairway to Heaven, Secret Garden, Full House, Greatest Love, Gaksital (yay!!) and many more. My kind of genre are limitless, I could use a box of tissue while marathon-ing drama or pumped my fist on Vampire Prosecutor's fight scenes.
My recent drama was KHMM, so really have potential to be one of my favorite drama. Ji-sung portrayed a man with split personalities. He has 7 ( personalities. But no worries...he's far from Voldemort-like. I found all his personalities very engaging in certain way. Its interesting how this drama's plot works for each episodes. Love Ji-sung and Hwang Jung-eum, they are great actors. Their chemistry are not joke (they also sizzle in Secret tho).
I always end up screaming or squeeing at every Thursday episodes. I wish I have this kind of devotion to my own Theses lol. FIGHTING!!