Sunday, February 23, 2014

Off to Ngong Ping Village

Our first itinerary in HK is Ngong Ping Village. For those who aware...its one of RM itinerary. So what if I plan the trip based on my bias...sue me :)
After dropped our baggage at hotel, we continue the trip for day one. We need to go to Prince Edward MTR St, its only 5 min walk from hotel. We still need to change line at Lai King in order to reach Thung Chung (last station for orange line).
Only a moment walk from Thung Chung station, we've reached the Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car. You can choose how to reach Ngong Ping Village by any transportation mode. We choose to use the cable car, it took shorter time and the scenery along were magnificent. It took about 25 min to reach the village.
Ngong Ping Village's main attraction is The Giant Buddha. To reach the highest platform, we need to climb hundreds of stairs. This village was used as a background in various china movies.
I saw some people were praying, but most of other only visiting. Not like my experience in Thailand. Although most of Thai are Buddhist, but they also had lot of religious tourist. Maybe they prefer go to the temple at HK island.
We spent some time in this village, and then use the cable car to go back. We're heading to second place on our itinerary. And its DISNEYLAND ppl!! ^^

Thursday, February 20, 2014


Hong kong's MTR were simply superb. I really find the public transportation are fascinating. It's easy and reliable transportation mode. Wondering when this kind of transportation worked at Jakarta.
You can use your octopus card to hop in a MTR. You can also use your card to pay other that mtr and shop long as it used in HK only.

Another story from day one

Dang!! Always forget to write down a blog. Sawry.... here we come...

We arrived quite early at HK, about 6 am. First thing we do after finished the immigration stuff is to find place that sell airport express ticket and octopus card. Octopus card is a must have things when you travel to HK.
HK Int'l Airport is a large one, but thankfully it easy to understand by we foreigners. Actually, I little bit confused myself when search for the ticket booth. I think the airport express and octopus card we're sold at different place, eventually it's not like that. We could easily buy the AE and OC at the same place...and it really easy to spot on.
We took the AE to Kowloon Station, it only take about 20 min or less to reach the station. From Kowloon Station, we took shuttle bus to our hotel (free of charge ppl!!). The traffic were very light, maybe because that was still morning. It took about 18 min to reach our hotel. Because we arrive too early, we couldn't check in (to rooms) at that time being. So, we just leave our baggages at concierge.

And then....the journey begin....